Knowing your style is so useful for grabbing the right thing, feeling your best, and (perhaps most importantly) being comfortable and functional in any situation. What is your style?
Knowing what works for you can be so useful to save time, money, and always look and feel your best. (If you don't know your style, please follow the links at the end to find out.) Once upon a time I was sure I could never put signs up on my walls with words like "Gather," "Time for Coffee," and "Love Lives Here." My reason is that I like to save room in my brain for my own thoughts. But... I jumped off the deep end and just tried it out. (By trying it out, I mean that I invested in a whole vintage furniture refinishing and decorative sign making business; and I decked out my house a la Magnolia-Home-Meets-Inspirational-Quote-Homeschooling-Mom-of-Many. But, I digress.) I lived it up for a while, then donated the whole lot and went back to my simple ways. The truth is that I don't need words and phrases on my walls, because I'm trying to protect the thoughts in my head, lest they fly away. I feel the same way about clothes. My look is there to serve me, not the other way around. Other people can flex their name brand logos and all the happy words that make the world a better place, but for me, I simply prefer to say the words with my mouth. (Unless it isn't nice. Then I shouldn't say it.) I know myself to be a minimalist with a dose of maverick. Classic, unfussy, with maybe a little renegade blast from a different era when the mood strikes. Sometimes I'm going to require my clothes to take me to a meeting, through the woods, and down for a nap all on the same day; so they better look good, wear hard, and feel like chocolate silk pie going down with a Spanish Cortado. Last I checked, we all have just one life, so let's ditch the wrong clothes. Save time, money, the environment, and maybe even a first impression (if you bother to care) by taking one of these quizzes to demystify the whole thing. That's us... taking back misguided dressers, one at a time. Welcome home, stranger. Cheers, Laura If you want a quick video to find your style, my top pick is Justine Leconte @ If you want a free quiz to walk you through it, try If you want to put some skin ($) in the game, I recommend *Threads of Eden does not recieve compensation from any of the above resources. Furthermore, please use the tools with discretion, and follow your own instinct (and maybe that of a trusted friend) to make sure you like your results.